Pet Peeves

Generally speaking, I don’t get too annoyed with people when they talk about my little migraine problem. Occasionally, though, I hear the same questions or comments repeatedly, and I have to put on my “patient and friendly” face and give the same responses, reminding myself that they ask because they care and they wouldn’t really … Continue reading

The Cranial Barometer

Autumn… a season of apple picking, falling leaves, holidays, and hot cocoa. Also, mega storms and weather induced migraines. I spoke a little about weather migraines in my last post, so I figured I’d complain, ahem, discuss the topic a little more. The really sad thing about having barometric pressure as a trigger is that … Continue reading

The Perfect Storm

The day started like any other. Well, any other day where a low pressure weather system hits me like a brick wall and I wake up with a migraine. Any day like that. The morning was also extra special because I had a dental procedure planned. I weighed my options and decided to go through … Continue reading

Why a migraine blog?

I’ve had migraines since I was a kid, but they got really bad five years ago when I moved to a new state and started working full time. Whether it was the allergens or the stress, I’m not sure, but I developed some pretty severe sinus problems and my migraines exploded. I spent a lot … Continue reading