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Quote of the Week, August edition

“God surely did not create us, and cause us to live, with the sole end of wishing always to die. I believe, in my heart, we were intended to prize life and enjoy it, so long as we retain it. Existence never was originally meant to be that useless, blank, pale, slow-trailing thing it often … Continue reading

5 Ways I’m like a Vampire

I wrote this awhile back but never posted it. I found it it my notes today and decided, clearly, that this was written under the influence of heavy medication. Just saying.   I’m sitting here in a dark room, recovering from a migraine, and I realize that maybe I’m a lot cooler than I think. … Continue reading

Telling myself the truth

Over the past several years, my migraine attacks have grown more frequent, which is both an alarming trend and also super lame. So it’s not exactly a surprise that I’ve been struggling with depression, wallowing in the feeling that my life is stuck in a permanent haze of pain. Recently, however, I’ve come to recognize … Continue reading

I’m back!

This isn’t a real post, except technically it is. I just wanted to acknowledge that it’s been a very VERY long time since I’ve written anything and give a heads up that I’m totally planning on writing again. It’s all part of my attempt to get into a better mental state. You can infer from … Continue reading

Work and the Perception of Work

When people ask me what I do, my standard response is “cube monkey,” but probably a more specific description is that I work as a sales writer for a large IT company. It’s a high-stress job with tight deadlines and long hours of staring at a computer screen, which admittedly is not the ideal job … Continue reading

Pet Peeves

Generally speaking, I don’t get too annoyed with people when they talk about my little migraine problem. Occasionally, though, I hear the same questions or comments repeatedly, and I have to put on my “patient and friendly” face and give the same responses, reminding myself that they ask because they care and they wouldn’t really … Continue reading

Why a migraine blog?

I’ve had migraines since I was a kid, but they got really bad five years ago when I moved to a new state and started working full time. Whether it was the allergens or the stress, I’m not sure, but I developed some pretty severe sinus problems and my migraines exploded. I spent a lot … Continue reading