As you may have guessed, I get a lot of migraine attacks. Sometimes it’s every day, and sometimes I get lucky and it’s only once a week. I’ve had them most my life, but in the last seven years they have been much more frequent and severe.

I get a few different kinds of headaches that are peripheral to my typical migraines, and I’ve gotten in the habit of giving them silly names to tell them apart in my headache logs. Also, they are like constant annoying companions, and if we’re going to be hanging out, I like to be able to call them by name (or curse at them, whatever). I mean, if you can’t be whimsical about long-term debilitating pain, what’s the point?

Here they are:

  1. Migraines are VeRa (short for Velociraptor). VeRa is kind of awful, as you can imagine, and she seems to have made friends with all the other headaches and tends to like to party with them as much as possible.
  2. Sinus headaches are Snidely. Snidely used to be a lot worse before I had sinus surgery, and even after the surgery the resulting nerve damage has been a persistent annoyance. Snidely is in no way as severe as VeRa, but his villainy is based on the fact that the pain can last for months, and never really goes away.
  3. Zippy is the name for the feeling of electric shock tearing through my head, stunning me and derailing any train of thought. It comes without warning, too, like getting mugged. Mugged and electrocuted. Luckily it doesn’t happen that often, but it’s terrifying when it does.
  4. Igor is the headache that starts in my shoulder, moves up my neck, and settles in the back of my skull (which is why I get to call it a headache and not just shoulder pain).

There they all are… my posse. Who needs friends, right?


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