Gluten free diet — the blessing that keeps on taking


A few weeks ago, I was catching up my latest specialist on how I’ve been feeling this year — almost constant migraines, extreme fatigue even on non migraine days, general misery. She asked if I’ve ever tried a gluten free diet. I’ve heard this advice before, but I’ve managed to maintain a state of blissful denial about whether gluten has any bearing on why I feel tired and ill all the time. In the past, it’s just seemed too far fetched, and too difficult a path to try considering the fact that I don’t even cook.

I’ve come to the point, however, that I’m desperate enough to try anything. I mean, I can do almost any diet for two weeks, so it’s worth trying and checking it off my list of possible triggers. I screwed up my courage, ventured to Whole Foods, and bought every over-priced gluten-free wonder product (at least the ones that looked technically edible).

I am now officially on day three of this diet, and already I’m feeling a sense of impending doom. Even on the first day, I had more energy despite having a migraine that morning. So on the one hand, I’m feeling generally fantastic, and on the other hand, NOOOOOOO!!!!

I’m going to go through with the two weeks and make sure this isn’t some sneaky placebo effect. But maybe… maybe this is legit. I mean I would have to start actually cooking meals, and I would still get migraines from the other triggers, but I have a shot at having energy and actually living my life. That’s maybe worth giving up macaroni and cheese. Maybe.


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